330W 15R Moving Head Beam Ligh

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Power: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Source: YUDN / Osram / Philips
Optics: X horizontal axis of rotation 540 °, Y-axis 270 ° vertical movement
Speed of light angle: 0 ° – 3 °
Color System: Color Wheel: SMD containing 1


Power: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Source: YUDN / Osram / Philips
Optics: X horizontal axis of rotation 540 °, Y-axis 270 ° vertical movement
Speed of light angle: 0 ° – 3 °
Color System: Color Wheel: SMD containing 14 color white, with rainbow effect.
Effects system: fixed gobo wheel (16 gobos white), have dithered
Rotating gobo: 12 white glass pattern having pattern jitter effect
1 prism wheel: Eight prism can reverse the direction of rotation, and a prism targeting.
2:24 prism prism plate can reverse the direction of rotation, and a prism targeting. 32 prism effect can be achieved when the double prism effect.
Atomization: 0% to 100% linear atomization.
Focus: electronic focus, ultra smooth and adjust the focus.
Control and display system: international standard DMX512,17 channels
Control: self-propelled, DMX, sound control, master-slave mode
Weight: 23kg


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