5R 200W Beam Light

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Source:YUDN/ Osram / Philips
Voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60HZ
Optics: 3 lenticular lens group, the zoom 0-3.9 °
Electronic focusing; 20 meters, 50000LUX
Channel mode: 16 and 20 international standa


Source:YUDN/ Osram / Philips
Voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60HZ
Optics: 3 lenticular lens group, the zoom 0-3.9 °
Electronic focusing; 20 meters, 50000LUX
Channel mode: 16 and 20 international standard DMX512 channel
Horizontal scan: 540 ° Vertical scan: 280 ° (16bit
Precision Scan)
Color wheel: 14 colors white, with bi-directional rotation of the rainbow effect
Rotating gobo wheel: fixed gobo wheel (16 gobos white), have dithered
Prism plate: 8/16 prism, can reverse the direction of rotation, and having
Prism targeting
Strobe: double guillotine strobe the highest frequency can be 13 times per second,
And can select a random strobe and pulse strobe
Beautiful blue and white liquid crystal display using the shuttle wheel to select the menu


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